Monday, September 20, 2010

Conversion on Permanent Hold

Well, I hated to do it, but I have sold the Geo Storm and had it towed away the other day.  It looked funny riding off with the gas tank sitting in the back dash.  I'll be relocating to San Antonio, and just do not have the time to get the project finished before I go.  I could tow the car in the state it's in, but I do not know yet what our garage/living situation will be there yet, so I'm going to just put it off for now.  I will get a donor next time that is in better interior shape so that I will not have to spend so much time cleaning and patching.  I'll post updates as I look at new donors and outline my process a little more than I did initially.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Site Feed now available

Now that I have my laptop set up as my primary computer, I've been going through the site and looking at the traffic the site gets to see what it is you guys are looking for and looking at.  In light of that, I've added a section on the right which has links to specific topics I see you searching for.  Also, I've set up a site feed now, if you would care to get subscription notices rather than having to come look and see if I've updated or not (probably not).  You can view the feed/subscribe here:

If you have any feedback on what you'd like to see or what I should drop, feel free to send a comment using the contact information in the welcome letter on the top of the right-hand navigation window.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 11 posted, finally

Sorry for the delay folks. The power supply went bad on my computer, and I had to set up my laptop to download and edit the videos, which took some time I'd ordinarily spend on editing. I also ran into a problem where the original video had sound, but the edited video was mute, which took a while to sort out.

That's all behind us now and Episode 11, as well as a brief update filmed a few days later, is posted here:

And here:

Also, as I noted in my last post, the city gave me a notice of non-compliance with their derelict vehicle ordinance. I've had to put the hood back on, clean up the work area of all parts taken off (good thing I have a shed) get all the tools out of there, etc. I took a video of some of the cleanup, but it's about forty minutes long, and I haven't figured out how to edit it together yet. Hopefully now that I have a good set of tools, I can make some better progress in the upcoming weeks.